Cynthia and Amy


Girls Girls Girls is Austin, Texas’s only all-female musical theater improvisation troupe. Our specialty is creating full-length improvised musicals from a single audience suggestion. In other words the Girls and their live musicians make up the songs, dances, characters, and stories to create one complete, blow-your-socks-off musical–and we do it, completely on the fly.

Sarah Marie and Shana

We have been an artistic collective since September 2003, and currently we are comprised of 6 members (including a musician). We strive to present shows that have fun story arcs and clearly recognizable musical theater elements.  However the fun doesn’t stop there for GGG!  As a part of our development, we are continually designing new techniques for incorporating the nuances of musicals into an improvised performance.

Megan and Aden


We have had the pleasure of performing in festivals in New York City, Minneapolis, Seattle, North Carolina, Atlanta, Dallas and of course our home of Austin, Texas where GGG has taken the honor of Best of the Week in multiple years of Frontera Fest at Hyde Park Theater; as well as recognition as Austin’s Best Improv Troupe in the Austin Chronicle.  GGG founded the Ladies Are Funny Festival (L.A.F.F.), a comedy showcase for women from around the world in 2006.

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