The Musicans of Girls Girls Girls

Our musicians are among the most talented in terms of both skill and creativity.  They must be able to not only think and respond smoothly and quickly, they must give the generous gift of musical inspiration!  Able to take their cue from the simple raise of an eyebrow or glance their way, these guys make what we do possible.  What would a musical be without any music after all?  From Jazz to jingle-writing these boys have the gift of gorgeous sound and over a million years of experience between the two of them.

Two of these fabulous gentlemen, Michael and Jason, currently hold dual status as both current musicians and alumni as they are both off seeking fame and fortune but playing an occasional show here or there for GGG!

Ammon Taylor is our newest musician. Born and raised in a quaint small town in the idyllic mountain valleys of Utah, his mother taught school orchestras, church choirs, and gave piano lessons to little Ammon, weaning him on Bach, Brahms, and hymnal arrangements. After high school, he traveled away to live in such exotic places as Seattle, São Paulo, and Mozambique. He encountered many different languages and musical styles along the way, all of which he can fluently speak and play on the piano. While he is not accompanying the jazzy chanteuse Ava Arenella and throwing random musical styles at Girls Girls Girls, he can be found in his apartment listening to Beethoven while eating pickles and watching cat videos.